The CEO Exchange | Critical Data
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Critical Data


The CEO Exchange works collaboratively to assess and meet the needs of the most vulnerable through research and the use of critical data.

United Way of Southern Nevada Community Connect

The first digital tool of its kind in Southern Nevada, Community Connect is a free, publicly available resource that allows users to access up-to-date community indicators, compare local information by zip code and quickly create shareable reports and visuals.

Southern Nevada Strong

The purpose of Southern Nevada Strong is to develop regional support for long-term economic success and stronger communities by integrating reliable transportation, quality housing for all income levels, and job opportunities throughout Southern Nevada.

Children’s Advocacy Alliance

Children’s Advocacy Alliance is working closely with the public and private sector to create a stronger community by improving the lives of children in Nevada.

Nevada State Grants Office

The data resource links provides data and statistical information required on many grant applications.

The Guinn Center for Policy Priorities

The Guinn Center is a nonprofit, bipartisan, think-do tank focused on delivering independent, fact based, and well-reasoned analysis of critical policy issues that advance solutions toward a vibrant Nevada.