The CEO Exchange | Rita – Three Square
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Rita – Three Square

Rita – Three Square

When Three Square helped Rita obtain health coverage for the first time in 20 years, she was shocked by what the doctor discovered.

Rita had no idea how much her life would change when she went shopping at a thrift store a few short months ago. She noticed a table staffed with Three Square employees, and received a surprise when Lidia, one of Three Square’s team members, asked her if she has health insurance.

“Now I’m retired and have been for about three years,” said Rita. “But I worked for attorneys for 20 years and had no insurance. I haven’t had health insurance for more than 20 years.”

Although skeptical when she filled out the application, she was pleased to receive a phone call the next morning letting her know she had been approved. When she went to her first doctor’s appointment, she let them know she hadn’t seen a doctor in years. They scheduled what was supposed to be a routine mammogram, which came back with unexpected news.

“The mammogram came back with some abnormalities. Then I went in for a biopsy and it was breast cancer. It was only Stage 1, thank God. I had my surgery, and I really feel like Three Square saved my life. If Lidia wouldn’t have approached me, I would never have known that I was even eligible.”

Rita lives with her grown daughter, who recently finished nursing school, as well as several dogs she has rescued over the years. She is thankful that her cancer was caught early with an excellent prognosis for a complete recovery- and that she now has access to healthcare.

“I donate my time at Three Square and at church handing out food. I have told many people about Three Square and what they do.”