The CEO Exchange | Local Kids – Three Square
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Local Kids – Three Square

Local Kids – Three Square

Full Tummies and Happy Faces

Local Kids get the food they need to thrive thanks to generous supporters of Three Square.

Kids Cafe® meals feed children at more than 221 after-school programs. We spoke with kids at a local Boys and Girls Clubs and they shared many messages of gratitude.

Aidan, 10

“My favorite things to get in the food boxes are the banana bread, milk, of course, grapes and apples. I tried tomatoes for the first time in my life here. I liked them! Thank you for providing the money for Three Square so they can give us food.”

Shawnyelle, 6

“When I’m hungry and have no food, I want to go get some. Thank you for the food.”

Kenya, 9

“My favorite food is the crackers. I tried a muffin here for the first time and it was good. When I’m hungry, it feels like I haven’t eaten for a thousand days. When I’m hungry in class, my teacher gives me oranges. Thank you for bringing the food.”

Germain, 10

“My stomach feels rumbly when I’m hungry. Thank you for giving us the food.”

Juan, 7

“Been coming here a few years. Favorite things are the cookies, eggs, crackers, sandwiches and milk.”

Ryan, 7

“I like bananas and apples and milk. I tried cereal here for the first time. When I’m hungry, it feels like I’m bored. Thank you for the food that they give me.”

Quintin, 10

“When I’m hungry, it doesn’t feel very good. Sometimes it gives me a headache. Thank you for the food. I appreciate it.”

Valeria, 10

“Without food, I feel dizzy and unfocused. Thank you for giving us food because nit a lot of people would do that. It’s a really good donation because a lot of kids go here and they would like to eat.”