The CEO Exchange | Gloria – Volunteers in Medicine
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Gloria – Volunteers in Medicine


Gloria – Volunteers in Medicine

Forty-four-year-old Gloria collapsed at work. At the hospital, it was determined she had suffered a stroke and had pneumonia as well. After a week in a coma, and several weeks in the hospital, Gloria lost her job and her health insurance, which was tied to her employment. Her disability payments barely covered her household expenses. Desperate for help, Gloria found VMSN, where she received free regular primary and cardiac care, and diagnostic testing to help treat her high blood pressure, chronic asthma and heart disease, as well as regular preventative women’s care. VMSN prevented her from needing to be hospitalized again simply through regular preventative health and wellness visits. She’s a big fan of VMSN’s doctors and staff, and she truly believes VMSN saved her life!

“We all go through things, but you would never know I had a stroke when you look at me now. Thanks to VMSN I got my body and my mind back.”

~Gloria, Age 44